Rev. Victor Fuhrman


Melchizedek, the first High Priest

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For The Highest Good

By Rev. Vic Fuhrman, MCS, RM

I recently visited a friend of mine at a hospital here in New York City. He's 44 years old, the father of three children and a businessman. One Friday morning, he was scheduled for surgery to clean up an infection of his abdominal cavity that occurred several months after he had surgery to reconstruct his intestines after they "shut-down."

I gave him Reiki for about two hours (this is the first time he's accepted healing from me even though we've been friends for twenty years and he's been aware of my healing path for the last eleven) and my sense was that the infection was abating and that he would come through this procedure fine.

What also became clear to me was that the source of all of his stomach problems was intense emotional stress, anger and anxiety over his relationship with his father, something that I am very familiar with.

As a healer and a spiritual counselor, I had a couple of choices. I could open the discussion with him and mention what I was picking up; I could simply give him a treatment and say nothing; I could combine both of these; or I could follow the guidance of my guides and higher self and do what was necessary "for the highest good."

The "highest good" is that which serves spirit and the divine plan. It is very difficult for us in human form to know what that is. Even the most "enlightened" of us often find it hard to differentiate between what spirit is asking us to do and what our egos tell us to do.

My personal method of getting to this truth is to connect with my guides and higher self. I center myself, pray, and make it clear that my intention is to serve those who come my way for the highest good of themselves, of spirit and the divine plan. I then step out of the way, put ego aside, and ask that I be made a channel and instrument of spirit and love.

It is then when the soft, loving voice of the divine comes through and gives us guidance. For my friend, that guidance was to give Reiki, not inject any opinion or sense that I was having, and bear "silent witness" listen to whatever he had to say non-judgmentally, supportively and without the need to open my mouth and respond.

Within a few minutes he opened up and a stream of feelings started pouring out. He talked of his personal pain, his anger and frustration and, yes, his sense of helplessness to deal with all of it. He surrendered to spirit and I created the sacred, loving space for him to do it in.

When my visit with him was over, his entire aura had changed. He had given himself the gift of healing and I was grateful for having been given the privilege of facilitating it for my friend.

For me, this is the essence of healing.... to do what the wise call "the good and the beautiful,' and always...for the highest good.

Post Script:

It is with great joy that I report my friend came through the surgery perfectly and that all of the infection and pain is now gone. His aura is much lighter and I am grateful to the Creator, all of the Masters and Guides for allowing me to be present for my friend in his time of need.

2007 Rev. Vic Fuhrman